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Online application for students

Study in Russia

This Page was created for those who intend to study abroad, and chosen for study Russia.

Those students, who intend to study in Russia, at first, have to study Russian language for one year (preparatory training).
But if you want to study medicine, mechanical engineering, information technology, electrical technology or management in English, you do not need spend one year for preparatory training.
What should I do to be able to come and study in Russia?
- You will have to obtain a visa as a student.
How can I get a visa as a student?
- You will have to submit to Embassy of Russian Federation, invitation from Russian State University.
How can I get invitation from Russian State University for study in Russia?
- You will need to send me email with scanned documents.
What documents should I submit to get invitation from Russian University?
- You will need to fill out
application form for study in Russia and send me email with scanned copies of required documents for study in Russia.
I'll check all your documents, if your documents are in order, State University will make for you invitation for study in Russia. It takes one month to make invitation. When invitation is ready, I will send it to you by DHL.
A foreign citizen who wishes to apply for studies at Russian State University have to submit:
1. Application form.
(format Microsoft Word
on the end of file -> .doc )
and scanned copies of the following documents:
2. Secondary school certificate.
3. Medical certificate stating general health condition, X-ray  (roentgenogram) with easy to read name on it and X-Ray Description with stamp / address / phone of hospital where it was issued and HIV test results. Medical certificate you can send me later, after your documents will be accepted.
4. Page of Passport with your name and photo.
State Universities of Russia have a well-established reputation for excellence in teaching and research and is consistently ranked amongst the top universities of the world by both government and independent surveys.
Universities offers preparatory courses,
Russian language courses and other international study programs for international students.
Institute of International Education specializes on teaching pre-study Russian to international students at beginner and pre-intermediate levels, providing courses tailored to suit their needs depending on their further area of specialization at Russian State Universities.
Our staff research interests lie in such areas as Russian grammar, computer-aided testing of Russian as a foreign language, using video and audio materials in teaching Russian and contrastive linguistics.
Those students who is going to study in Russia, please click here
Bachelor and Master Programs
for more information.
Those students who is going to get medical education in Russia (MBBS),
please click here
Medical Courses in English
for more information.
For more information,
call us at Tel +380(93)129 258 2,Tel +380(63)665 971 6,
e-mail us at: Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript
or visit us at:
Skype Name: studyinukraine2
Head Office in UKRAINE
1.Director:Miss. Nina Bazanov. S
2.Post/Direct:Mr. Borislav Dmitri

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