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Online application for students

Admission NOW OPEN 2018-2018-2019 in European Universities!

Ban-Company Education Consultants Ukraine.

We make provisional offers of admission to qualified applicants from all educational backgrounds. Secondary school applicants with strong midyear results may be admitted on condition that they complete their academic year successfully. College and university students applying to transfer may be considered based on their previous year's results.



Ban-Company Education Consultants Ukraine.



         The academic year 2015/2018 0starts on 1st of October 2015

         There are two ways of applying for the studies:

Admission Procedure

ADMISSION BASED ON THE ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS the candidate brings the required documents to the International Students Office (ISO).

ADMISSION BASED ON COPIES OF DOCUMENTS the candidate emails the scans of the documents or sends them via regular post. When the candidate is admitted, he/she is obliged to deliver original documents after arriving in Poland. Please note, that this procedure is followed by a risk of not receiving the pre-paid tuition back if the original documents are not delivered.


The candidate is required to complete a set of documents:

- An application form

- Copies of certificates and diplomas,

- A copy of transcript of records,

- An English language certificate,

- A cover letter, (how to write a cover letter)

- A copy of the passport with a picture,

And send them to the International Students Office. These may be copies/scans of the documents, since students need to bring the original documents with them after being admitted to the university. If the documents are in a foreign language, they need to be translated into English or Polish.

The documents are considered on their merits.


After the positive decision is made, the candidate is given bank account information to pay for the recruitment process. A signed statement and proof of payment must be returned to the International Students Office. The candidate is sent a Confirmation Letter and asked to legalize their documents. In some cases, candidate is asked to contact the Polish Embassy in their country to legalize the documents first.

After the candidate has received the legalization of his/her certificates, the International Students Office sends a Letter of Acceptance to the candidate. Usually, the letter is needed to get a student visa.

In order to receive a visa, the student needs to contact the Polish Embassy or Consulate in their country. The documents needed to get a visa are similar or correspond with those needed for the enrolment process into the university. Usually the Embassy asks to see the proof of the tuition payment and the financial statement of the funds needed to study in Poland.

Students wishing to obtain a room in the university dormitory need to fill in the Accommodation Request (a place in the university dormitory in a double room costs about $100-120 a month).

Upon arriving in Poland, a student is required to present all the original documents listed above.

Unless the candidate holds a grant of his/her government, there is a tuition fee that applies to different studies, both in Polish and English. Candidates, who present a proof of Polish origin, pay 30% less. Members of the EU are treated like Polish citizens. For more updated details on tuition fees, please contact the International Students Office.

If the students apply for the studies using the copies or scans of the documents, they will be asked to sign the statement agreeing to provide the University of Lodz with the original documents on their arrival to Poland. Failing to comply with this requirement will result in a removal from the students list.


Applicant will be required to pay for Invitation letter of study-$350 + Visa support letter-$200 and Courier service -$$700. Only eligible students are required to pay this amount.


Please feel free to ask any query cell no:

 (Tel) +380(93)129 258 2

(Tel) +380(63)665 971 6

Email: ( Этот e-mail адрес защищен от спам-ботов, для его просмотра у Вас должен быть включен Javascript ) OFFICES: Ukraine.


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