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Gomel State Medical University


The Gomel state medical university this dynamically developing

establishment of the education widely known in Belarus

and abroad as the center of the �Supreme Medical Education� and a medical science.

Now the structure of high school includes 5 faculties,

68 Specialties including 16 clinical, 12 rates in structure of faculties, and also the Central research laboratory.

The successes of medicine of the 21 century are determined

not only by achievements of fundamental applied sciences, biology,

recent engineering designs, but, to a significant extent,

by people who realize outcomes of theoretical innovations into practical medicine.

Therefore, preparation of the competent doctor possessing deep scientific knowledge,

skilled in diagnostic and medical technologies,

is one of the main issues of a higher medical school.

The Gomel State Medical University completely corresponds

to the status of a modern University and is recognized by every part of the world.


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