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Online application for students

Special Tuition Fee Package for Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan & India

Special Tuition Fee Package for Namibia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Pakistan & India




We are are pleased to announce that students from Namibia, Zambia,

Zimbabwe, Paksitan & India who are applying from 13.03.

Ban-Company Education Consultants is giving speacial discount on tuition fee package.

The purpose is, we want more students from these regions,

and ofourse we care about the finance of our dear students.

The special relief is -10% of the total tuition fee package on arrival.

The discount is 10% from the tuition fee package.

For example if the tuitin fee package is 5500USD you pay -10% (550USD) of it i.e. 4950USD

Apply NOW! scan following documents,

Int'l Passport data page

School leaving Certificate

Filled Application Form


Make sure that you send your documents to all those emails,

you can also apply online using following button.

Apply form to study in Ukraine

Prospetive Students from Namibia, Zambia and Zimbabwe apply their study visa at Ukraine Embassy,

Pretoria, South Africa. Students from Namibia,

Zambia & Zimbabwe do not need to travel to South Afria, but simply DHL their documents

to the Embassy. We provide complete assistance in the preparation of required

documents for applying study visa at Ukraine embassy in South Africa.


Ban-Company Edcuation Consultants, has right to enroll you to any university located in Ukraine,

and authorized by Ministry of Education of Ukraine.

Should you have any question, do not hesitate to write us through Email or call us,


Contact us:

Members of Staff

Head General Secretary

Miss. Nina Bazanov. S

Deputy Secretary

Mr. Borislav Dmitri

Tel +380(93)129 258 2

Tel +380(63)665 971 6

Kiev /Kharkov Ukraine

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